05 4 / 2012

Is Your Lucky Die Fair? - Gnome Stew, the Game Mastering Blog

Inspired by this blog post, I couldn’t resist doing a little experiment this morning. I took a GameScience d20 and a Chessex d20 and followed the instructions for proving or disproving whether a die is fair.

When using a .1 Alpha, I failed to reject the claim that both dice are fair. However, when using a .2 Alpha, I successfully rejected the claim that the Chessex die is fair, while the GameScience die remained fair.

Either way, rolling each die one hundred times gave me a pretty clear picture that the GameScience guys know what they are doing. We aren’t talking about life or death here (well, for an rpg character it may mean life or death), but I’d always felt that Chessex die rolled mostly 1’s and 20’s, so it’s nice that I wasn’t going crazy.

Now I just have to stop myself from filling out that matrix for all my d20s…